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We are a proud business partner of Diagenics SE, an innovative biopharmaceutical company saving human lives by their revolutionary medical diagnostics products. Contact us if you would like to become a shareholder or a distribution partner of Diagenics.


Diagenics SE is paving the way for scientific ideas to become fully-developed products in the industry. Diagenics wants to take a unique position in the emerging market of biotechnology by not only developing new ideas and selling them, but also by continuing to develop them until they reach full market maturity. Therefore, Diagenics SE does not stop at the creation of new ideas, but continues to actively market them, thus closing the gap between research and industry. This requires quickly presenting new developments in a marketable way, so that profitable products achieve sustained success on the market.Diagenics currently focuses on the rapidly growing market of medical diagnostics. The first products in this area, belonging to the Diacordon line, have already been developed to market maturity and will be sold in Europe and, in time, on the worldwide market. However, Diagenics does not dwell on this product line. For example, already planned for the future of the Diacordon product line is the addition of a biochip system. But Diagenics does not stop at just one product line, since new scientific advancements are paving the way to develop products in areas additional to heart attack diagnosis.



Product Lines




The Unique Advantages of DIAGENICS Products are:


  • The ability to diagnose within the first hour

  • Opportunity for rapid, symptom-oriented treatment for the patient

  • Bridging the large gap in the laboratory diagnosis procedures regarding the early diagnosis of myocardial infarction, stroke and pre-eclampsia


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Signing our Partnership Agreement with Mr. Ernest Kapetanovic, CEO of Diagenics SE, January, 2016

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